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Well, guess it's time to look into a new one. Now what...

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So I was probably a little too mean, and of course, blocked, but damn it felt so good. I tried getting the chick to open her mind a bit, linking to verses about how women are viewed in the Bible. Of course, she said it was for "Mormons" and didn't read it. WTF? You don't even know your own book names in the book you value so much?!

Oh, then I found out about Leviticus 27:1-7. I think it's going to be my new favorite tool for people who think God values their precious lives. I can afford almost anyone on a minimum wage! So I told her if it was a girl, it'll be worth roughly 77 cents. Asked her why she worships a God that thinks a Big Mac is better than her potential child, and...blocked.

Oh well, maybe it'll take some time to sink in. :(

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I really should go through and delete the majority of the people I know from high school on Facebook. Bunches of goddamn hypocrites.

"I love Jesus! He hates you because you're judgmental! By the way, I had premarital sex and I'm pregnant! What, his book says I should be stoned??? Stop being so JUDGMENTAL!! I LIVE MY LIFE HOW I WANT!!"

You fail to read the book that you hold so dear in life, so when I point out your blatant hypocrisy, don't get so upset. After all, what does it say about YOU when a heathen like me knows more about your book than you do? And I'm not trying to suggest that people who are Christians can't make mistakes, it's the fact that they aren't even SORRY for them. YOUR book says premarital sex is a sin. YOU commit it. Why aren't you repenting? Or you could just only follow your book when it's convenient to you. Whatever..

I mean, the lack of knowledge of their own religion is one thing, but I guess I'm more bothered by the fact that I'm one of the few people that have NOT gotten knocked up in my graduating class. Especially when it's really EASY to not get pregnant. Even if you don't believe in abortion, why not opt for Plan B? You just have to take it 72 hours after sex and BAM! Problem solved. It won't kill any potential life because it terminates the sperm before it even reaches the egg. I know there's always a rare chance contraception fails, but I don't think the failure rate is high enough to make nearly everyone in my goddamn school pregnant!

I hate Mississippi. I hate their backwards mentality. I hate their lack of desire to educate themselves. I hate their lack of meaning in life, and trying to find it through another human being. Why do people fail to realize that that baby isn't there for YOU, you're there for HIM or HER. They are another human being!

I mean, at LEAST until you're 25! I think by then if you want kids, it's a conscious decision and you would have settled down.


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OH DON'T MIND ME, I'm just making some mental notes. Feel free to comment if you care. <:

Cell Phone Bill - $45/month
Gas - If I limit myself, I can probably spend only $45/month
Car Insurance - $80/month

I make about $640 a month.

Subtracting expenses, I'm left with $470. Given that I'm a bit of an impulse spender, I should seriously start to wean off of spending so much. At least HALF of this should go into savings.

Figuring that I would put $235 in my savings account a month, I could rack up $2932.80, with the interest included in a year. If I had a second part-time job, I could double this amount, given if I'm working around 20 hours or so and am given the same pay rate.

Currently, I am not completely on my own, so worrying about housing or utilities is not a major thing. However, I could look at some small 1 bedroom apartments. Having a roomate would be financially ideal, but I'm bothered by having a stranger live with me.

Apartments are honestly more ideal suit for me. If I'm alone, I have no reason to have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. Just one little place that is suitable living space for me is perfectly fine. Right now though, I should focus on just working and saving money.

I've had serveral temptations to go and spend, spend, spend. I seriously need to cut this out. For example, I need to get in the mindset of that I don't NEED things, I just WANT them. Truthfully, the only time I'm really away is at work. I don't need an iPod. If it really is that much, the small 2GB nano I got still works. Am I honestly going to be listening to 250GBs of music where I'm going? Probably not. Besides, my radio has a CD player, so it's an acceptable substitute. If I want to make a playlist, buying some CDs to burn will be cheaper.

I need to talk to my phone service provider about cutting off the internet on my phone. It's slow, and doesn't connect half the time, and isn't even worth the extra $10/month. Besides, if I really want some kind of wireless internet, I could just use my 3DS. It's hella a lot faster, has a bigger screen, and is FREE.

Given that a lot of the games I own now can easily be downloaded as ROMs, perhaps I should sell the ones that I don't desire. Surely games like Donkey Kong Country, the Wind Waker, and the like will surely stay. But when was the last time I've picked up one of the Sonic Advance games? The many SNES cartridges I have laying about at my mothers? I may not be able to get much from these, but if I focus on "buy a game, enjoy it, beat it, sell it for whatever", I can at least get the entertainment and some of my money back. There are always some treasures to be kept. Maybe I can consider looking into a gamefly account once I finish the mass of games I got. Also: avoid ported games! Sure, it's "MY FAVORITE GAME...ON A HANDHELD", but if I have the original laying somewhere, I don't really need it. The features they add may not be worth $35.

Can I possibly limit my spending to $50/month? Surely. I do have food at the house provided, so unless I want to get specific things, I can stick with canned soup all the time.

So, backtrack, I'm making about $640 a month, and $470 is left of my expenses, I should like 75% of that in the bank and leave the rest in my checking, in case some emergency arises and I need the money (such as issues with the truck, if my computer goes kaput, etc.)

The last paycheck of each month, I should take $50 out and have it on hand. Perhaps, if I left my debit card at home at times, or if I simply hid it in my wallet, I may be less tempted to spend.

So, here you go son, you got $50 a month to spend on yourself. Want a vidya? Sure, why not! But remember you'll only have what's left. Also, things that I buy such as soda will fall under my "spending money". You got an addiction, at least pay for it. Maybe this way, I can somewhat break my habit of gargling sodas like crack if I see it's getting in my way of buying things enjoyable.

I think my spending money should rollover as well, to encourage myself to save it rather than blow it all away that month.

So things such as a $150 Wii will have to wait 3 months. But in the end, I'll feel less guilty about buying it if it means that I truly earned it versus me just buying it because the money was laying there.

I am looking towards buying a vehicle, though. I figured by the time I am somewhat able to be in a good spot to put a hefty down payment on one, I'll be older, and no longer will the insurance companies discrimate me because of my age group. I'd say...about 21? Or do they start dropping at 22?

I may truly not be ready to move out on my own or buy my own vehicle. But at least with this, I can push myself to stop indulging on useless shit and feel a little more secure and independent knowing that if something horrible was to happen, I at least have some sort of financial cushioning.

P.S. Plan to make a trip back home home to gather a bunch of shit to sell on eBay okay.

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So I haven't updated because I have NOTHING INTERESTING IN MY LIFE, so I'll just type up a dream log every now and then ok.


Tonight's dream was about a zombie apocalypse. I remember that I was escaping with two people around my age; one girl, one boy. The boy was driving and the girl and I were in the back. We were living in the city but trying to flee to the country-side for refuge.

The strange thing about this dream was how the virus was spread. Apparently, the first few people infected were prostitiutes. The virus, being in an inactive state, spread via the prostitutes...doing their job.

Once it was "active", the virus reacted based on a infected's gender. Males were changed into Chasethehedgehog characters, whereas females became an exact replica of Whoopi Goldberg.

I remember my crew pulling off onto a dirt road where we were greeted by some zombies. The males remained motionless while the females uttered such things as "Want a good time?"

The other girl and I were frightened while the boy casually turned around and said "Not dealing with this."

...And then I woke up.

Writer's Block: Homeword bound
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How would you describe your perfect home in ten words or less?

Never any bills to pay.

Writer's Block: The times they are a-changing
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How would you describe the last decade in one sentence?

I witnessed many things die - people, music, art, and love.

Writer's Block: When push comes to shove
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What can be done to promote tolerance and stop bullying in schools?

Okay, get rid of this pussy-ass "no tolerance" on fighting policy. I say being prodded and messed around with months upon months, going through teachers and principals to try to get the bully to stop but to no avail...I say at that point, the kid has the right to deck him right then and there.

But that's just me and my silliness!

Oh hey...
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 I didn't share this with you guys yet:

But there. I'm going to be part of their funclub and make this thing a reality...hopefully!

Writer's Block: Funny But Scary
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Scary movies can be humorous, even when it's unintentional - what are the funniest scary movie moments of all time?



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